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Cookware - Gastrolux, WMF, Silit, Skeppshult and Le Creuset

Cookware - Gastrolux, WMF, Silit, Skeppshult and Le Creuset

International pans consultation for Gastrolux, Silit and Le Creuset

High quality pans from Germany. Cookware from Gastrolux, Woll, WMF, Silit, Skeppshult and Le Creuset.

International pans consultation for German Cookware Brands. To find the complete product range including pans, pots and other kitchen items, follow the brand name Gastrolux, Woll, Silit, Schulte Ufer, Skeppshult, Le Creuset, WMF and Kupfermanufaktur Weyersberg.

Frying in a pan

For perfect frying in a pan you need two different kind of pans. For meat and roasting potatoes it's best to use iron pans or cast iron pans. Fruits, vegetables and eggs can be fried more easy in a coated pan. A coated pan makes frying comftable but a not coated pan gives the food more taste, if you use them right.

Most pans can be used on all kinds of stoves. The pans we tell about can be used on gas, electric, ceran, infrared and induction stoves. Non stick pans from Gastrolux or Woll pans can be ordered for "usual" stoves and for "usual + induction" stoves.

Frying in a not coated pan like copper, enamel or cast iron pan gives a very special taste. Good professional cooks prefer this kind of pans.

If you aren't a professional, you have to decide by yourself. A good coated pan is easy to handle and you are able to fry with less frying oil. A not coated pan can give a better taste, if you learn how to use it! It is not hard!

Silit Silargan PansThe Silit Silargan pans have a surface like glas, that is almost shatterproof. Silargan is a very clean surface. They are similar like but better than all kinds of enamel pans we know.  Silit Silargan pans are recomended for persons with food allergy. They can be used on all kinds of stoves.

Copper pans from the KupfermanufakturCopper pans are used by the best cooks of the world. Copper is very fast reacting on heat and the best pan to be used on a gas stove. This pans are made by the Kupfermanufaktur Weyersberg in the southern part of germany. Some of the pans can be used on inductions stoves.


Cast iron pans from Skeppshult / Sweden and Le Creuset / FranceVery popular for the tast and healty food are cast iron pans like Le Creuset with enamel surface and Skeppshult pans without coated surface

Cast iron pans have a very long tradition. This pans are getting better and better while you use them. But be aware, they have to be treated different to other kinds of pans. Cast iron pans will reward you with the best taste, when you have learnd how to treat them.


Much more simple frying with very good results is possible in Gastrolux coated pans. The frying quality of this pans is that good, that the Norwegian Terje Ness won the cooking world championship 1999 with gastrolux pans and pots.

Gastrolux pans are prefered in USA, Canada, Italy and Poland but the prices are much higher than in germany. For customers from the USA and Canada we can only sell by email contact!

In pans and pots made by Gastrolux it's possible to get very good results even for low fat meals.

The non stick surface is called Biotan. The idea to the Titan Nano surface came from the Lotus bloom, where nothing is able to stick on.

The gastrolux pans can be put in the oven. The handles are oven proof up to 240 degrees Celcius or 450 degrees Fahrenheit. 


Gastrolux pans

Gastrolux pots and casserolles

Gastrolux Wok an roasting dishes

Gastrolux pans Gastrolux pots and casserolles Gastrolux Wok and roasting dishes


Informations about non stick surfaces

All non stick surfaces we know can get scratches. Most scratches come from a combination of high heat and wrong cooking utensil. Please don't us sharp things and metall items in non stick cookware. If you get a scratch in a Gastrolux pan, don't worry. The pans from Gastrolux have a very high quality and most scratches don't harm the effect of the pan.

Please don't use to much heat for frying and cooking. Meat and other food is best to fry between 150 and 205 degrees Celsius. If you use more than 240 degrees Celsius for a longer time, you spoil the food, waste energy and you may damage the surface.

A usual stove is used for the first minute or until the full heat is arrived on full energy. After that time you should reduce the energy depending on the food to 1/3, 1/2 or 2/3 of the stove capicity. This way your frying and cooking is perfect in the Gastrolux pan, the food is healthy and the cookware will be perfect for years!

You can use the Gastrolux pans with less or without fat. Please use a heat resistant fat for frying. If you use a not heat resistant fat it is not good for your health and for the pan, too.

On the fat you will normaly see instructions, if a fat is heat resistant. In germany you have to be carefull. If there is only a information, that the fat can be used for frying this don't has to mean, that the fat is heat resistant! When a fat is overheated you can see smoke rising from the pan.

The non stick surfaces are very easy to clean. We recomend the cleaning by hand for this kind of pans. It is better for the handle and for the non stick surface of the pan than cleaning in a dishwasher.

You will find our complete Gastrolux Product Range below this link.

For more informations, please send us an email.

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Gastrolux Pans for low fat frying and cooking
Gastrolux Pan, Frying Pan and Pot
Gastrolux Nano Pans with German TÜV - examined non-adhesive refinement and GS - seal for the patented grasp - attachment.

Consider also the mess kit of Gastrolux: Pots, roasting dishes, scorching pans, serving pans, ...

Mass of these Gastrolux pan: Ø 28 cm, 7 cm high, approx. 1.7 kg, suitably to Ø 22.5 cm stove plates.

For other sizes please check the German descriptions (Deutsche Beschreibung).
Anzahl Preis ehem. UVP
Standard 0 84,50 Euro 115,50 Euro
Standard 0 with removable Handle 92,50 Euro 123,50 Euro
Induction 5 109,50 Euro 146,00 Euro
Induction 5 with removable Handle 117,50 Euro 154,00 Euro
Preise inkl. MwSt.
versandkostenfrei in Deutschland
Details & Verfügbarkeit

Offriamo la gamma di prodotti completa di Gastrolux
Vaschetta di Gastrolux, vaschetta friggente e POT
Vaschette di Gastrolux Nano con TÜV tedesco - perfezionamento esaminato dell'non-adesivo e GS - guarnizione per la stretta brevettata - collegamento.

Considerare inoltre il corredo di mess di Gastrolux: POT, piatti da torrefazione, vaschette scorching, vaschette serventi,…

Massa di questa vaschetta di Gastrolux: Ø 28 centimetri, d'altezza 7 centimetri, approssimativamente. 1.7 chilogrammi, adeguatamente a Ø piastre della stufa da 22.5 centimetri.

Per altri formati vogliate il controllo le descrizioni tedesche.
Anzahl Preis
Standard 0 84,50 Euro
Induzione (Induo) 5 109,50 Euro
Preise inkl. MwSt.
versandkostenfrei in Deutschland
Details & Verfügbarkeit

We offer also Gastrolux scorching pans, serving pans and square pans
Pots, Casseroles and Saucepans Gastrolux - 28/17 cm
Gastrolux Nano Pots with German TÜV - examined non-adhesive refinement and GS - seal for the patented grasp - attachment.

Size of this Gastrolux Pot: 8.5 liter, Ø 28 cm, 17 cm high, suitably to Ø 18 cm stove plates

For other sizes please check the German descriptions. A translation tool is included in the description of this item.
Anzahl Preis ehem. UVP
Standard 0 103,50 Euro 124,00 Euro
Induction - Induo 1 121,50 Euro 146,00 Euro
Preise inkl. MwSt.
versandkostenfrei in Deutschland
Details & Verfügbarkeit